The Soul Summoner- Elicia Hyder

I chose this book due to the fact that it didn’t appear to fall into a singular genre, but rather a mix of a few of my favourites: mystery, paranormal, drama and romance. Its great Amazon review convinced me that I would find the narrative interesting, and that I would be able to identify with Jordan Sloan as a main character. I liked the idea that the police may make use of someone with spiritual connections to help solve a serial killing inquiry, rather than relying on scientific and factual evidence, as it could be a new way of solving crimes for the future. However, it was quite refreshing to see Sloan’s internal struggle as to whether or not she should actually get involved with the case, as past books featuring any kind of ‘superpowers’ often featured an overly-confident gifted character.

The idea of the book was interesting: as someone who has always been on the fence regarding the truth behind psychics, I was intrigued to read a book where the narrative was based on the existence of one. It was interesting to see how Jordan Sloan’s soul-reading abilities also impacted her romantic-life. In fact, I think the sort of love triangle within the narrative helped prevent the book from becoming too unbelievable and dramatic- it kept the narrative grounded in the real, tangible world, and it definitely added another layer of action to the narrative, rather than letting it get bogged down in paranormal mystery solving.

The overall tone of the book was definitely a positive, and made the book an easy read. Sloan was incredibly open and welcoming as a narrator, and the fact that she recognised her ‘gift’ as a controversial subject showed that she was down-to-earth and human- important characteristics for a protagonist. In spite of the book’s evidently serious and dark undertones, the vibrancy of the characters’ voices and personalities kept it alive and added a dash of humour in the parts that it needed it most.

While I can’t say I was exactly ‘hooked’ to the narrative from the moment I started reading, I will admit that I became more invested and eager to find out what would happen next as it progressed. However, I suppose that partly comes from the fact that I began to know and care about the characters more, meaning I cared about what may happen to them. As a result of this, I would recommend this book- the first in Hyder’s series. It simply requires an open-minded reader and someone who is willing to remain patient for a few pages before the real action of the story begins to unfold.


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