A Yorkshire Christmas- Kate Hewitt

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the lack of recent blog posts. A mixture of planning for my teaching for the last couple of weeks of term, and university coursework has meant that I have been a little out of action in terms of reading.

However, in order to keep my spirits up and to remind me that Christmas really is only just around the corner, I chose a festive book to review for this blog post. Kate Hewitt’s A Yorkshire Christmas is the second book as part of her ‘Christmas Around The World’ series and, in spite of having not the first book, I felt I could still thoroughly enjoy it.

My first impressions are that it reminded me a little of The Holiday  : an american woman has no one to spend Christmas with at home, so decides to spend it in the UK countryside and end up accidentally meeting the neighbour, a single father,  who she also happens to fall in love with.  Cliché, but actually quite pleasant and soothing to read at a time when you feel that you are drowning in responsibilities.

I liked how easy it was to establish a relationship with the characters, probably because there are so few of them: Claire, Noah and his daughter Molly. Also, all of the characters are so likeable ( or rather,  we are just given nothing to dislike about them) that, as a reader, I wanted to get to know them quickly.

I would say the beginning of the book has a strong narrative. The couple don’t simply meet by chance, it is rather out of necessity. I like this as it doesn’t appear to false or forced, making the book read fairly naturally. However, I would say that the strength of the narrative and plot does then deplete…Noah and Claire spend Christmas together, in an odd, slightly awkward way…and after that nothing much happens before the book draws to a close.

I suppose the Epilogue, visiting the characters a year after the rest of the story, is useful as it allows the extra character development that the main story was lacking. However, I must admit that this felt a little rushed.

It must be said that, in spite of my criticism of the weak narrative, I did only really notice these faults after I had finished the book- probably because I didn’t realise it would be over quite so quickly ( I was reading on my kindle, and it showed I was less than 50% through when I had finished the book). Whilst I was actually reading, I did enjoy the book and all that it contained. I also like the rural setting, as it reminds me of my home village in England, that I am so excited to return to shortly!

As a result of this, I probably would recommend this book to someone who is just looking for a light-hearted festive book to get you in the mood for Christmas. I would also consider reading other books in the series over this festive period!

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