What is this all about?


I’m Danielle, and I love books. I have always loved books. Now, I know that everyone says that, but I really have. For as long as I can remember books have been the one thing that I get really excited about buying or receiving as gifts, and now I’m at university, not only studying them in my own language, but in French, too!  I love their power to completely transport you into a different way of thinking, whether that is the world of the narrator of a novel, or the subject matter of a non-fiction book.

However, it is not just the reading of books that I have always enjoyed, but also telling others about them. I revel in the challenge of persuading people why they should dedicate their time to reading a particular book, and explaining why I was expecting more from some texts. In fact, I think reflecting upon a book is almost as fun as the actual experience of reading it, thinking about the effect that it has had on you, and whether that specific collection and arrangement of words has changed the way you look at the world.

I must admit that my university studies did get in the way of my reading for pleasure, and for months I had been promising myself that once coursework was all complete, and once exams were all out of the way, I would begin reading for enjoyment again. But, not only would I begin reading for pleasure, I would write about what I had read, doing what I loved a lot: reflecting upon the effect the books had had on me. However, I recently attended a workshop that made me realise there was no better time to start doing this than now. Of course, I recognise how clichéd that sounds, but the workshop was run by veterans at the charity, Blesma, and the ex-soldiers made me realise the importance of doing what you want to do, appreciating every opportunity and allowing nothing to get in your way. That very day, for the first time in over seven months, I selected a book to read out of choice, and I have not spent another tube, train or car journey looking mindlessly out of the window since, and I feel all the better for it.

So this is it; this is the beginning of daniellereadbooks, I will continue to read  more than the books that are on my reading lists, and I will write about how they made me feel. Of course, just because I have chosen a book myself, does not necessarily mean that I will love it, and likewise just because a book is set reading for my course, does not mean that I will dislike it- so perhaps the odd french novel will make an appearance! Also, given that I haven’t chosen books in a while, they won’t be the latest releases because I will be catching up on the ones I have been meaning to read for so long. Once a week, from here on, I will be posting my reflections on my latest readings, and I hope you enjoy!

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